Granular Dynamics 

at Georgetown University


You've reached the granular dynamics webpage
of the Georgetown Physics Department.   I'm afraid we're not doing a very good job of maintaining this page. Our most recent publications are listed here . Sometime we hope to put some cool movies and other things here. In the meantime, here are links to some older results
Forcing and Velocity Correlations in a Vibrated Granular Monolayer,
Phys. Rev.Lett, 89, 084301-1-4 (2002)
Clustering, Order & Collapse 
in a Driven Granular Monolayer

PRL, 81, 4369 (1998).

Velocity Distributions & Density Fluctuations in a Granular Gas

Phys. Rev E., Rapid Communications 60, R2468.

Some longer (but slightly dated) descriptions of our work can be found below:

The Granular Dynamics program is part of the Dynamics Imaging Lab headed by Learn about the latest bits of information: